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South Africa

Dr Cobus Pienaar - Managing Director Arbinger South Africa

How Arbinger South Africa Started 

"During 2006 I found the book Leadership and Self-deception, a bestseller by the Arbinger Institute, and started reading it one night.  I am not sure what I had expected – but what I found certainly was unexpected.

I simply could not put the book down and had to push through to the end. The book was deeply challenging and had a profound effect on life and my thinking when it comes to leadership. Being an organisational psychologist and leadership consultant for the last 20 years or more I have read hundreds of books and articles on the topic of leadership and none led to such a breakthrough like Leadership and Self-deception did. So many of the stories in the book I could relate to one hundred percent, both at work and at home. Although the names and settings were different - the causes and effects were the same. It did shed some light on my own story, and while I was uncomfortable to see my own fingerprints on the people problems I had conveniently blamed on others, I was more excited about the chance it gave me to set things right. I even bought copies of the book for my friends. Leadership and Self-deception sets out a surprisingly fresh and practical approach to leading change and achieving better results with others – in all settings.

I also found and read the prequel, Anatomy of Peace and decided to attended official Arbinger Training to enable me to do what was necessary and bring The Arbinger Institute to sub-Sahara Africa and South Africa.

Thirteen years on, I still find the ideas fresh and challenging, especially now with their new bestseller the Outward Mindset.

I am continually inspired by the stories of people across the board who discover Arbinger’s work and, as a result, see their worlds anew.

Arbinger’s books and work have dramatically changed my approach to leadership, the way I consult with companies, and to a large extent, my direction in life!"


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