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Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset




With a rapid increase in remote workforces and economic uncertainty, so many questions need answering. How do we do more with less? How do we manage accountability with new limitations on transparency?How can a distributed workforce feel like a team? Arbinger’s work reveals two distinct mindsets from which people and organisations operate—a self-focused inward mindset and an others-inclusive outward mindset. Arbinger has a forty-year record of successfully helping organisational change efforts by equipping people to shift to an outward mindset. Studies show that organisations that focus on this kind of mindset change are four times more likely to succeed in organisational-change efforts than companies that focus only on changing behaviour.

Arbinger helps organisations and their people to turn outward by (1) shifting their mindsets, (2) equipping leaders to invite outward mindset ways of working among their teams, and (3) helping leaders to turn organisational systems and processes outward in order to invite and reward sustained systemic change.

This process begins with Arbinger’s foundational programme, Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset (DIOM). In this course, participants learn how to implement a performance platform that enables them to operate with an outward mindset. They learn and apply four sets of tools: self-awareness tools that help them see when they might be operating with an inward mindset; mindset-change tools that they can apply to turn their mindsets outward; accountability tools that help them to operate in their roles with an outward mindset; and collaboration tools that teams can deploy together in order to operate with an outward mindset.


This programme is delivered via videoconferencing technology with an Arbinger-certified facilitator leading remote participants through the learning modules. Key concepts are taught through discussion and application. The course is punctuated by videos, small-group breakout exercises, polling, chat, and application of the tools to onthe-job situations facing the participants. Participants can also use “non-verbal feedback” buttons to engage in the videoconferencing platform. This course is highly interactive and was developed following best-practices in virtual adult education.

In the virtual programme format, the content is broken into four sessions to allow flexibility in facilitation. Each session lasts two to three hours, meaning the programme can be delivered over two full days or four half days. The agenda can be tailored to meet client logistical needs. We recommend scheduling the modules as close to one another as possible to maintain momentum. Ideally, participants will be fully remote (individuals at their computers) or in pods of three individuals in each space.

Participants will be provided instructions for the technology and will have remote access to IT assistance from Arbinger support staff during the entire programme.

In addition, participants have access to an eight-week sustainment programme that they can implement on their own or with their teams. The sustainment guide for this programme leads participants through the implementation of concepts learned from eight videos that are designed to be applied at a cadence of one-per-week.


Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset equips participants with a set of self-awareness tools, mindset-change tools, accountability tools, and collaboration tools that enable them to:

  • Understand the two mindsets and their implications on results
  • Assess the extent to which they are working with an inward mindset
  • Change their mindsets to become more outward
  • Re-conceive their jobs to make them more outward
  • Hold themselves more fully accountable
  • Report on performance in a way that keeps them working outward
  • Work in a way that is more collaborative, fulfilling, and effective
  • Positively influence others to change
  • Address and resolve conflicts


Materials for participants include the DIOM Participant Handbook, Sustainment Video Guide (and accompanying videos), and one of Arbinger’s bestselling books, The Outward Mindset.




Why Mindset Matters
The Two Mindsets
How We Turn Inward
Self-Awareness Tool: Self-Betrayal
Self-Awareness Tool: Inward Styles
Self-Awareness Tool: Collusion



Brief Review
How to Turn Outward
Mindset-Change Tool: Influence Pyramid
Mindset-Change Tool: Outward Mindset



Brief Review
Implementing an Outward Mindset
Turning Jobs Outward
S.A.M. Your Job
3A+ Development Framework
3A+ Development Conversations



Brief Review
Outward Collaboration Tools
8 Collaboration Tools
Building a Game Plan


Essential for leaders and employees


Internet Access


Some groups may choose to read or have read The Outward Mindset.


Required Materials | Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset handbook


R9995.00 + VAT per person


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