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Great Leadership Starts with a Great Mindset. The key to delivering exceptional results is empowering your leaders to inspire others with real purpose and belonging.

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A leader’s mindset is the key to the organization’s success

A leader’s mindset drives what they do, why they do it, and the impact they have on the people they work with. When leadership development training doesn’t start with a leader’s mindset, it doesn’t address how leaders interpret problems and tackle opportunities within an organization. Arbinger uniquely helps leaders reconsider how they work with people and equips them with tools to shift from the self-focus of an inward mindset to the people-centric, results-focus of an outward mindset. Without fail, leaders who leverage an outward mindset bring out the best in others and build highly-engaged and productive teams.

Leadership development training that delivers lasting change

Arbinger’s Outward Leadership solution transforms leaders’ mindsets so they can transform the culture of their organization. This mindset shift is the only way to drive sustainable results and help leaders perform at their best and invite the same from those they lead.

42% Increased trust in leaders

Perception and confidence that leaders see and respond to employee needs, measured post-implementation in a major metropolitan hospital.

100% Reduction in complaints

Zero complaints for 10 years post implementation of Arbinger training in a metro police unit that averaged 36 annually during the prior 10 years.

22% Increased recognition

Recognition reported by employees managed by 3500 supervisors trained in Arbinger’s solutions within a large national telecom company.

Solving your biggest leadership challenges

Performance and productivity

According to a Gallup survey, 50% of employees who quit their job cite the relationship with their manager as the reason. A leader’s mindset doesn’t just affect relationships with employees; it’s a critical factor in both individual and team performance. If you want to effect change across your organization, your leaders must possess an outward mindset that empowers them to see the humanity and potential in peers and employees alike.

Team accountability

Develop a leadership development plan that helps your leaders shift from holding people accountable to developing accountable people. When our mindsets are outward, we focus on our impact, not just our output. Accountability requires leaders to take ownership for creating the people-centric culture that is the prerequisite for great results.

Communication and collaboration

Give your leaders the mindset they need to find creative and innovative ways to be more helpful to others. Investing in improving your leaders’ communication and collaboration skills is critical for the productivity of their teams and the organization.

Employee conflicts and relationships

Help your leaders successfully manage conflict by equipping them with the skills to break down silos and empower people to achieve their goals together. As leaders better understand how an inward mindset fuels conflicts, they are enabled to find ways to transform the conflicts that cripple their organizations.

More ways to transform your organization with an outward mindset

Arbinger’s three powerful solutions help leaders and their organizations shift mindset and realize their potential.

Outward Leadership

Outward Leadership equips leaders with the mindset and skillset required to lead people-centric, results-focused teams and organizations.

Create emotionally aware leaders

Build engaged & productive teams

Develop accountable people

Boost productivity and drive growth

Improve retention

Follow the link above for more details about this program and to watch the introductory video.

Outward Performance

Outward Performance dramatically improves results by increasing accountability & collaboration at all organizational levels.

Heighten employee empowerment

Enable personal accountability

Elevate self-awareness & resolve conflict

Prevent burnout and boost morale

Improve individual & team performance

Follow the link above for more details about this program and to watch the introductory video.

Outward Inclusion

Outward Inclusion empowers you to address the mindset and behaviors that impede the inclusive culture needed to thrive.

Foster psychological safety

Deepen relationships

Improve communication

Reduce unhealthy bias

Leverage & promote diversity

Follow the link above for more details about this program and to watch the introductory video.

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