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Strengthen mental health and well-being by improving relationships at work and home, including helpful tools:


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Personal and family happiness is largely a function of the health of our relationships with the key people in our lives—with a partner, for example, and with children, parents, and siblings. These relationships can be wonderfully rewarding. However, they can also bring heartache, frustration, anxiety, and anger.

In this course, participants learn how our mindsets set us up either for friction and trouble in our relationships or for connection and success. A self-focused inward mindset provokes resistance and mistrust in the people around us, while an others-inclusive outward mindset builds mutual commitment, resilience, and caring.

The Living with An Outward Mindset programme equips participants with an in-depth understanding of these two mindsets—what causes them and how to change them—and with practical tools for building healthy, productive, and rewarding relationships in all aspects of their lives.


Carrina Niemand: Finding the missing piece of the puzzle to mental health and well-being

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Carrina Niemand: Global Recruiting Consultant, Global Village Worker

“I cannot even begin to tell you how the outward mindset has enhanced my life in every single aspect of thinking. Whilst I was attending the training, I was on special leave as I had suffered a mental breakdown in September 2019 – but I insisted on doing the training, and it was the best decision I have made. The Arbinger facilitator totally changed my life with the learnings and perspectives. Soon after the implementation sessions, I “graduated” from my weekly Psychology sessions. My Therapist was astounded how my thinking had made a 360’ change, and I feel it in everyday life now and find myself checking in and going, “you just did that.” I am an acute PTSD and Anxiety sufferer, and since the mindset training, I have not had a single panic attack at all, and I surprise myself SO much. I honestly cannot express enough gratitude to the Arbinger facilitator for this complete life-changing experience.”

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