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Outward Mindset Online is a first-of-its-kind programme, eight years in the making! This immersive, educational experience, based on Arbinger’s two-day foundational programme, “Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset” is designed to deepen the understanding and application of Arbinger’s foundational principles and expand the impact of Outward Mindset to all levels of the organisation. This digital programme is designed to engage and transform participants through stories of real people using an outward mindset to address their real challenges.

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Chanell Havenga, Industrial Psychology Intern, Momentum Metropolitan

“I have literally experienced AHA-moments from Module 1 straight through to Module 10! I absolutely LOVE this programme! It is logical, relatable and pure genius. I feel that Arbinger coaches should be roaming the earth everywhere; they should be going out into the world consulting businesses on this profound programme, because almost every practical example provided during this programme, literally occurs in the world of work every single day! The value it has brought me merely is immeasurable.” I was working until the 30th, however, the Arbinger programme did not seem like ‘work’ at all. I was literally (and excitedly) glued to my laptop screen for the duration of the course, and found myself ‘binge-watching’ module after module because I wanted to know more! A definite highlight of 2020, for me, thank you!

Arrie van Niekerk, CEO, Tavanec

“I have just completed the ten modules of the Outward Mindset Online programme. I am overwhelmed – it is so good! What struck me is that the content, the presentation, the stories, the professionality of it; everything portrays the same message in a coherent and unified way. I was particularly impressed by the spirit of the programme. It radiated humility (if you can combine those words), the absence of ego, openness, and love for people. It demonstrated the spirit of being accommodating towards others. The whole approach is wonderful – powerful stories, supported by well-presented application of the concepts, wrapped in the central theme of the outward mindset. I noticed that Arbinger simplified the material that I attended previously in a significant way – at least that is what I experienced. The use of modern technology is superb – I had a very poor internet connection and it adjusted for the line speed by reducing the quality of the video but maintaining the flow so that it did not stop. The layout is clear and simple to follow and the PDF course material is concise and to the point.”

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