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People and organisations achieve breakthrough results by maximising the extent to which they work with anoutward mindset,” taking into account their impact on others and focusing on the needs of the organisation as a whole.

The Arbinger Institute helps individuals, teams, and organisations move from the default self-focus we call an inward mindset to the results-focus of an outward mindset.

The result is a dramatic and sustained improvement in the key success indicators of our client organisations—in their levels of collaboration, employee engagement, accountability, revenue growth, market share, and profitability.

Arbinger enables these results through a five-step process to change mindset and behaviour: assess, train, implement, re-assess, and sustain.

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The Outward Mindset is a must-read for leaders seeking significant and lasting organizational change.” - John Wilson, President, International Operations, Staples


“This is the most profound and practical business book I have ever read.” - Tom Didonato, Senior VP, Lear Corp.


“Phenomenal, compelling, vivid, and poignant. This is a book that every manager must read and apply.” - Steven Wheelwright, Sr. Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

Case Studies

Focusing on People During an Intense Transformation and Change Journey

Shell Fleet Solutions team in Central Eastern Europe and South Africa found that by working on addressing individual and collective mindsets as a key strategy, they were far more effective at driving and sustaining change.

More Case Studies

Transforming Culture Following Multiple Mergers

Mobilising Employee Support to Implement Massive Restructuring

Accelerating Collaboration in a Fast-Paced Environment

Identifying $130 Million in Growth Opportunities

Improving Results by Changing Systems to Meet Employees’ Needs

Improving Results by Changing Systems to Meet Employees’ Needs

Enabling a Collaborative Approach to Restructuring

Improving Key Metrics through Alignment and Efficiencies

Overcoming Silos to Grow in a Shrinking Market

Turning Around a Troubled Leadership Team

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Whether you’re interested in individual development, creating a high-performing team, or transforming an organisation, we’d love to work with you. We support you through each step of the change process.

In the contact form, please tell us about your needs, goals, and challenges. An Arbinger representative will reach out to you to discuss further.

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